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stripe shirt // white kitchen

J.CREW Stripe Top

  • SUMMER READING … I’ve managed to make a pretty good dent in my summer reading list. While I really enjoyed Don’t You Cry (a little disturbing but good) and Here’s To Us (the best kind of beach read), I didn’t love Rich and Pretty. I found it slow and honestly a little bit boring.  Maybe that’s just me. Has anyone else read it and had the same experience?


  • A NEW (OLD) HOBBY … You’ve heard all the rage about adult coloring books, yes? Well, this is one childhood hobby that I never grew out of. I love to color. I’ve maintained a habit of doing it even before it became the trend that it is now. I’m thrilled that it’s now a “thing” because it means there’s all kinds of new coloring books coming out. Speaking of which, I just ordered this one. How fun is that?


  • I CAN’T TRAVEL WITHOUT IT … In anticipation for my trip to Europe (more to come on that!) next month, I’ve been trying to fine-tune my packing list – especially my carry-on. One thing that I know I won’t be leaving home without is my White + Warren scarf. I bought it right before my trip to Italy last year, and it’s since become a must-have for me on any flight – long or short. I’ll wear it as a chunky scarf around my neck at the airport but once on the plane, it unwraps to become a deliciously-soft and cozy blanket. There’s nothing worse than being cold on an airplane, am I right?


  • CURRENTLY PLANNING … On that same note, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on our itineraries for the trip abroad. We’ll be making stops in London and Italy. While I’ve got Italy pretty much planned, I’m still working on the details for London. If you have any recommendations, please send them my way! I would love to hear them.


  • NO MORE SKINNY JEANS (FOR NOW) … My skinny jeans haven’t seen the light of the day in months. Why? Because I’m obsessed with the crop-flare style. (See: here  and here.) I feel like I’ve found my denim soul mate. The addiction started with this pair from The Great and just took off from there. For summer, though, this white pair from DL196 is my best buy yet. I’m obsessed. They’re a perfect pair: fitted, but so comfortable, tailored to a T, and they have those faux front pockets which means you can avoid that bunching up thing that often happens with white jeans.


  • BINGE-WATCHING … With all my favorite shows on hiatus, it’s the perfect time to binge-watch a new show. And that’s exactly what I did with AMC’s The Night Manager. It’s only six episodes and it hooks you right in. I was supposed to wait and watch it with my husband, but after watching just one episode, I just couldn’t stop. Before I knew it, I was on the last episode. #slipperyslope


  • NEW MORNING ADDICTION… While I wouldn’t consider myself a total coffee addict, I definitely enjoy (read: need) one cup in the morning. Right now that means iced coffee. I’ve become obsessed with Chameleon Cold Brew. We’ve been going through huge jars of it in our house. It comes in several flavors but I really only like the Black Coffee one. I simply pour it over ice and add in some almond milk that I pick up from the juice bar around the corner. Iced latte – done and done!


  • FUELING MY SHOPPING HABIT … Those adorable leather slides I included in last week’s Style Steals? I bought them – along with this dress and a couple of these t-shirts, too. It’s my first time buying from Everlane and I’m wondering what took me so long. The site has so many amazing and chic basics at very budget-friendly prices. Take a peek through the site and see for yourself. (Side note: I’m living in this budget-buy from H&M. Chic and easy.)
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