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From top: Maybe in Another Life // When Breath Becomes Air // Everything I Never Told You // After I Do // The Nightingale // Fates and Furies // Clean Eats

From books I’m reading to recipes I’m baking and everything in between, here’s a quick peek at my life lately:

1. One of my resolutions for 2016 was to give my iPad a rest and start reading from actual books again. As you can see from this stack, I’ve been making good on my promise. I’ve made my way through everything from memoirs (this is a must!) to beach reads. If you’re looking for a new book, I highly recommend any and all of the above.

2. You’ll also notice a cookbook at the bottom of that stack. I’ve read through every single page and can declare Clean Eats a new favorite. It’s full of so many healthy and delicious recipes. From snacks (I’m now addicted to the Crunchy Maple Walnuts) and simple salads to heartier meals (the Coconut Zucchini Noodles with Spiced Meatballs are heavenly), there’s something in here for everyone.

3. On a not-so-healthy note: I also found my new favorite banana bread recipe. I consider myself a banana bread conisseur and this is one of the very best I’ve ever had. It’s very banana-y (which I happen to love) and the sugar crust gives it a nice little crunch. If you love banana bread, I strongly recommend you give this one a try.

4. My husband and I spent Sunday binge-watching The People vs. O.J. Simpson. (Feeling a little guilty about that after reading this.) I can report that this show is as good as everyone is saying it is. On another note, I’ve made my way to Season 6 of Pretty Little LiarsHere’s my question: how is it possible that this show is on ABC Family? It’s seriously one of the most frightening shows I’ve ever watched. I can’t even let myself watch it right before bed anymore because I’m fairly certain it will give me nightmares.

5. I’m so excited about the opening of the Diptyque store in Dallas. While I’ve been buying their candles for years (I could live in a Baies candle), I had never even thought to try out their perfumes before. That changed last week when I became obsessed with this one. It has a subtle sweetness with just the right amount of woodsy notes, too.

6. When you feel like you’ve scored a major deal, you feel the need to tell someone about it. So I’m telling you. I’m obsessed with Soludos espadrilles. They’re so comfortable (truly!) and look cute with everything. And I just got this pair for 75% off. Happy ’bout it.

7. There are a few things that I never leave home without and good snacks are one of them. I tend to get on a kick with one thing and then move on to something else. I’m currently on a kick with Perfect Bars. I’ve only ever tried the Peanut Butter flavor but I can tell you that it’s really, really good. It tastes like a peanut butter cookie. I can’t seem to find them anywhere locally but, thanks to the magic that is Amazon, there’s now a box on its way to me.

8. I’m using this list as inspiration. I printed it off last week and now have it pinned up in my closet. From top to bottom, it’s just a good set of daily reminders. While I’ve got #25 down to a T, I’ll admit that I could use some help with #4 and #50 (I have a tendency to let WebMD lead me down a deep spiral).

9. I found my Fourth of July dress. Too early? Not when it’s 25% off. #treatyoself

10. An update for those of you who read this post: the second dog is happening. We’re not sure when she’ll arrive but Lucy seems as excited as we are.

Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick Photography

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