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mochi earrings

MOCHI Flower Earrings

UNDER $150 GIFT // If you’re looking for a great gift that’s under $150, consider these Mochi earrings. I bought them about a month ago (Merry Christmas to me) and they’ve already become fast favorites. They’re delicate but statement-making. Bonus: they’re surprisingly lightweight, too. They come in a handful of colors (love the white!), but the red is right on point for the holidays.

CONSUMING ALL OF MY THOUGHTS // Who else can’t get enough of the Harry/Meghan Markle engagement? It’s almost odd how excited I feel about the whole thing. I’m a longtime fan of Meghan Markle (if you’ve never watched Suits, start now!) and, of course, have had a crush on Harry since forever so this union is kind of just too perfect. I’ll be soaking up every last wedding detail I can get but the big question on my mind (and probably yours, too, yes?) is what will Meghan be wearing down the aisle? I have a feeling that she’ll opt for something simple but oh-so dreamy. I’m feeling Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy vibes with this one. As for who the designer will be, your guess is as good as mine.

SKIN WOE // I do my very best to take care of my skin and I feel like I have a pretty good arsenal of weapons for protection against the bad stuff. However, there seems to be one thing I just can’t seem to prevent: melasma. Ugh. Just saying the word “melasma” induces irritation. For those of you who suffer from this skin woe, too, it’s annoying, right? There’s a number of things that cause it but the most likely culprit is hormones. Joy. While I don’t think it’s ever really going to just go away, I have found a couple of tricks that seem to reduce its severity: sunscreen (lots of it), a hydroquinone cream from my dermatologist, and this mask. Have any other thoughts/tips? I’m all ears.

SO MERRY AND SO BRIGHT // I just can’t handle all of the happy holiday goodness that’s happening on One Kings Lane right now. They always have some gems but this year seems to be exceptionally good. They pretty much have every category covered – tree trimmings, gifts, tabletop, you name it. I just can’t stop scrolling. In addition to the vintage ornaments I scooped up last week, I’ve also ordered lots of fun things (these and these) for holiday dinners.

THE SHOW I FINISHED IN 48 HOURS // I started and finished The Sinner this week. 48 hours. Done and done. I didn’t intend to binge-watch the show but once I started, I just couldn’t stop. I zoomed right through it. It’s a good one. Dark, yes, but totally addictive. And Jessica Biel. Wow. She’s come a long way from 7th Heaven. If you need a new show to entertain you until your usual favorites return from hiatus, give this one a try.

BEACH BUYS // We’ve barely made it to sweater weather here (I’ve gotten to wear my new coat only once) and already the shops are starting to fill up with bikinis and coverups. But I’m not mad about it. I’m headed to the beach in three weeks (hooray!) and I wouldn’t mind stocking up on some warm-weather goodies before I go. First on that list: the new polka-dot swimsuits from Marysia. The lace-up maillot is already in my cart. Adorable, right?

WISE WORDS // I’ve always found Henry Miller’s “Work Commandments” to be a guiding light for me – and now, more than ever. I hope they do the same for you.

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