lately   //   July 26, 2017


sequin stripe dress // via luella & june


STRIPES THAT SPARKLE… The only thing better than a stripe itself? A stripe that sparkles. Veronica Beard has forever been a favorite of mine. (I’m obsessed with their blazers.) They know just how to put a fun spin on a closet classic. Case in point: this stripe dress. They’ve taken my beloved stripe and made it fancy enough for cocktail hour.

BINGE-WATCH: It’s almost embarassing how quickly I can make my way through a TV show. But it’s so hot outside that I kind of don’t care. I crossed two shows off of my list this month. The first is Riverdale. This one was actually a recommendation from a reader who left a comment on my last “Lately” post. I owe this reader a big thank-you because I loved this show. It’s easy-to-watch and totally addicting. It’s like a really good young-adult novel that you zip right through. (Bonus: Luke Perry – aka “Dylan McKay” – is in it.) The second show I finished at an alarming speed was Younger. This TV Land show sounded a little silly at first (a 40-year-old pretending to be 26 to land a job in NYC) but after just one episode, I was hooked. What I love about this show is that the episodes are just 30 minutes long. Each episode is like a fun-size candy bar – and you can’t stop at just one.

MUST-SEE MOVIE… If you see only one movie this summer, let it be The Big Sick.  It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Loosely based on a true story, it’s a feel-good flick that masters a perfect balance between heartfelt and hilarious. Go. See. It.

BUYING BOWLS… On a search through Anthro’s sale last week, I randomly came across these very gorgeous (and very not-on-sale) bowls. Each one is hand-painted and boasts the prettiest little scallop trim. I love the mix of all three patterns, but it was love at first sight with – you guessed it – the stripe. I treated myself to a set of six. I’m now feeling inspired to whip up a gazpacho just so I have an excuse to use them as soon as possible.

ON ROSACEA… As I’ve mentioned before, I have rosacea. I’ve suffered with this skin issue for the past ten(ish) years and while it’s not at all painful, it’s rather annoying. I go through phases with it – sometimes I think I have it under control and then the next thing I know, it’s back with vengeance. Lately, it’s worse than ever. I know this is most likely a symptom of the extremely hot temperatures (heat and sun are a rosacea sufferer’s worst enemy). I’m pulling out all the usual skincare tricks to combat this flare-up (switching to this exfoliator, moisturizing with this cream), but I feel like there’s more I could be doing on the inside – specifically, my diet. While I know all of the trigger-foods I’m supposed to “avoid” (anything super spicy, wine, and tomatoes, to name a few), I really don’t know anything about foods/supplements that might be considered a good thing for rosacea. I’ve been doing a little research on this and have found that the following foods are recommended over and over: leafy greens, salmon, non-citrus fruits (grapes, melons), and turmeric. Any rosacea-sufferers out there care to weigh in on this? Tips and tricks? Please share!

20-MINUTE MOTIVATOR… Need a little motivation? Listen to this podcast with Nike’s co-founder, Phil Knight. Just do it. (Pun intended.)

THE BEST BRA… Remember when I posted about the best bra I ever bought? Well, guess what? It’s still the best bra I ever bought. Seriously. If you, too, are also obsessed with this bra then I feel the need to share the good news that it’s currently on major sale. Hooray.

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