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isabel marant sweatshirt

ISABEL MARANT Sweatshirt // CÉLINE Tote // FRAME Jeans

SHHHOWERCAP… Is it weird to be obsessed with a shower cap? Sounds weird. But obsessed is exactly what I am about this shower cap. As someone who rarely washes her hair (twice per week max), a shower cap is something I use on the reg so having a good one is kind of important. And I’ve spent my entire life using not-so-good ones. Until now. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, I now own a very fancy shower cap and I love it. What’s so great about it, you ask? It’s made of a nanotech material that is 100% waterproof (seriously: no water gets through this thing), very quick-to-dry, and machine-washable. No matter how steamy my shower is, this magic cap makes it so that my hair is left completely frizz-free. It also doesn’t leave one of those annoying creases across my forehead that all other shower caps have done in the past. Oh. And thanks to its super-stylish design (which comes in several colors!), it really looks more like a chic turban than a shower cap. Worth every penny.

CHIC SNAIL MAIL… Have you all seen the new Oscar de la Renta stamps? They’re dreamy. Each sheet comes with 11 stamps – one is a black-and-white portrait of de la Renta and the other 10 feature details of his most iconic designs (the pink dress!). I may or may not have bought 12 sheets. I couldn’t help it.

SALE SHOPPIN’… Thanks to a little sale shoppin’, I am now the proud owner of this (under $100!), this, and a gold pair of these. Don’t miss this sale. There’s some good stuff here.

VITAMIN GUIDE… Anyone else feel a little clueless when it comes to vitamins? I know they’re something I need to be taking but which ones specifically am I supposed to be taking? That’s where Care/Of comes in. It’s a new website that tells you exactly which vitamins you should be taking. You start out by answering a lengthy series of questions about everything from your lifestyle, personal habits, and goals. Based off of these answers, you receive a personalized guide to the vitamins you should be taking everyday. From there, you can order your vitamins directly from Care/Of. The best part, though, is that they come in single-serving packages. This makes remembering to take them each day a lot easier – not to mention, a cinch for traveling!

FOR FANS OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS… When it comes to my all-time favorite TV shows, Friday Night Lights definitely makes that list. (If, for some strange reason, you have not watched this show, put it on your weekend to-do list. Just don’t plan on doing anything else. It’ll hook you fast.) It’s just one of those magical shows that had great writing, great characters (the marriage between Coach T and Mrs. T is #goals), and great stories. Thanks to this genius podcast, I’m currently reliving FNL in all its glory. I highly recommend it. It’s like a deep-dive into everything I good about the show. (For more podcast recs, check out this post.)

DOGS: THEY’RE A LOT LIKE US?… Does anyone else feel like they share similar traits with their dog? Because I feel that way about Lucy. I really do think we’re very similar creatures (and not just because we can both eat our weight in peanut butter). My husband thinks I’m totally crazy. But, after reading this article, I might not be. It turns out there’s actual proof that dogs pick up on different behaviors and traits from their owners. So, Lucy’s occasional bouts with anxiety? She got those from me.

YUM… There are few vegetables I like more than brussel sprouts. Baked, fried, steamed – I like them every which way. I also really (really, really) love Asian food. This salad is magical mixture of both. I’ve made it not once, but twice since coming across it on Pinterest. It’s a really simple dish that delivers a punch of flavor. What’s even better is that it takes just 10 minutes (maybe less if you use a food processor to slice your brussels) to make. Try it.

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