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I have a confession: I eat take-out nearly every single night. The only night I don’t is when I decide to actually sit down at the restaurant and eat there instead. The only redeeming quality here is that I do make an effort to ensure that it’s healthy take-out (four nights of the week are healthy, and the other three I get to do what I want). Nonetheless, it’s a bad habit – not to mention, an expensive one. I just don’t cook. (Baking? That’s a different story. Count me in!) I used to think it was because I just wasn’t any good at it, but lately I’ve actually been trying out a few recipes and the result hasn’t been half bad. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m still not that good at it.) I realize now that my lack of desire to spend time in the kitchen is really more about my confidence level. I have no clue how to do those seemingly basic things (how exactly do you know when the chicken is done?) which has always made me want to steer clear of the kitchen rather than just giving it a go. Not anymore. I’m making a solid effort to learn the basics so I can manage a few tasty recipes every now and then.

The good news is that there are plenty of excellent resources out there for beginners like me. My most recent favorite is Food52. The site has a variety of different categories – Menu Ideas (perfect for when you need a little inspiration), Down & Dirty (you’ll learn everything you need to about fruits and veggies), and, my favorite, Kitchen Confidence. The KC category offers tips on things like how to make the perfect fried egg (yum!), which potatoes are good for what, and how to make the perfect grocery list. All those basic things that I never knew before.

Any other tips and tricks I should know? If you have any good resources, let me know!

(Image via Food52)

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