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There are few things more classic than a good stack of gold bracelets on one’s wrist. It’s an art, really. One that comes by collecting the bracelets over time and knowing just the right ones to stack. That’s what made me pause when I saw Julie Vos‘ line of jewelry: the designer makes really classic pieces that make for perfect layering. There’s a certain elegance to her collection that makes each piece feel really special.

Bangles are always a good place to start – and Vos has plenty of those. This one is so simple and would be ideal layered with this one is (the lion head is such a great detail). The prices are one of the best parts, too. Most of the bangles ring in around $85, and you can even score a set of three of these under $100. With prices like that, these are the types of things that make for great gifts. (Brides? Mother’s Day?)

Another super simple but so classic option is the chain bracelet. Can you even think of anything this bracelet wouldn’t work with? On the not so simple side, there’s the Byzantine Cuff.  I love this bracelet. It’s got such a classic feel. It reminds me of a piece that gets passed down from a great aunt. You can choose from a variety of different semi-precious stone combinations (the aqua chalcedony with peridot is my favorite).

There’s more than just bracelets, too – necklaces, earrings, rings, you name it. Vos’ earrings are especially amazing. She offers everything from clip-ons (these are perfect for summer) to hoops to unique styles like this pair that I’m planning to order with the turquoise stones. I would also really like to own this pair with the Moonstone. Just like the bracelets, Vos likes to give you options when it comes to the stones. You can pretty much find your favorite pair in any color you’d like.

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