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Jewelry Designer Spotlight: Marlaina Stone

Nobody understands the definition of statement necklace better than Marlaina Stone. Founded in 2007, by Marlaina Stone in collaboration with metal artist Ashley Heidrich, the Marlaina Stone collection is so much more than just jewelry – it’s wearable art. Each piece is uniquely hand-constructed and one-of-a-kind. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to ask Ms. Stone a few questions to gain a better insight into this artist’s eye. Read below to hear what she said…

Where do you find inspiration for your jewelry?

I draw my motivation from the people I surround myself with and those that I have encountered in my past.  I am not one to draw inspiration from the setting sun or a nice walk on the beach.  I get so much more from true human emotions; love, anger, sadness.  I think that is why I become so attached to my pieces; they all come out of an encounter that someone on our team has had in their lives.  In this sense, each piece already has a story and life before it ever leaves our studio.  

Where do you see jewelry trends headed?

I see trends allowing for greater personal expression.  For so long, people have been afraid to stand out.  Everyone wanted to blend in and not be singled out as an individual.  As consumer confidence increases, so does their desire to make a statement.  We have seen so many collectors coming into our brand now that it is okay to stand for something again.  Statement pieces are not going to be contained to the red carpet and black tie events.

How do you decide that a piece of jewelry is an investment vs. a trend?

The mission statement for our couture brand is “To liberate your alter ego, only radical design will do.” This is the litmus test for us when we are designing a piece. I think this is one of the reasons what we do is not trendy. It allows us to pair a black skull with a pink silk flower or lava rock and feathers. We create each piece around a feeling rather than what is the latest piece to come down the runway. 

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is dynamic and incredibly bold.  Certain things catch my attention that most people wouldn’t dare wear.  In that sense, my fashion sense is very eclectic.  I am acutely aware of all the details when I put my wardrobe together.  That said, I am as comfortable in denim and a t-shirt as I am in a vintage dress.  A couple of constants with me;  I always have some incredible accessories on and my hair and makeup must always be perfect!

Do you find that fashion/ready-to-wear collections influence jewelry trends?

If you allow them to, trends can seriously define your designs.  Our couture pieces give a nod to the trends but are more timeless in nature and sort of define themselves.  Our ready to wear line-up entitled Second Verse is incredibly aware of the trends and follows them much closer.  That said, we still push the boundaries of what people expect with our Second Verse line.
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