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J.Crew has always had some of the greatest collaborations (Cynthia Rowley‘s: I still want one of these wetsuits. I have no clue what occasion of mine might require one but I love it.). Lately they’ve gotten even better with a focus on fine jewelry. They’ve got mini-collections from favorite designers like Catbird (this sweet heart ring is too good), Lulu Frost, and Maya Brenner.

The latest addition to the lineup is a particular favorite of mine: Jennifer Fisher. She’s known for her edgy yet classic designs – the kinds of things you wear for years and years. (I’m still coveting one of her nail cuffs.)Her J.Crew collection is a line of 10K pendants and charms – including letters, a lightning bolt, a “Taken,” (love that one), and a key, to name just a few. They’re super simple with just enough punch. The best part is that these sweet little charms look good worn on their own and even better when layered together. I love the idea of wearing the “B” charm with the star. My favorite one is actually the skull. The white diamond eyes add the perfect touch. I’d string that one on there, too. You can make a pretty nice mix with these. It’s a more-is-more philosophy.

jennifer fisher


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