culture   //   May 10, 2016


fallen-for-fudge_1024x1024 copy

Seeing as today is my birthday, I thought I’d post about what is sure to be a new favorite sweet treat of mine. Say hello to Jars by Dani. This is one of those straightforward-but-totally-amazing things that you’d wished you’d come up with yourself. The concept is simple: a parfait composed of layers of different sweets (cookie dough! rainbow sprinkles! whipped cream!), packaged into one little (or big, you choose) jar. The result is an artistic dessert that looks just as good as it tastes. With over six different flavor combinations – from Peanut Butter Nut to All About Oreo – they have something that will please even the most discerning sweet tooth. And if you’re dreaming up something else? Just send them an email. They’ll customize jars with whatever flavors, colors, and toppings you have in mind. (I’d sub the fudge brownie in this jar for vanilla bean cake. Thank you very much.) These perfectly-packed treats would make for such a fun surprise delivery for a friend or a cute addition to a party. Or you could just order them for yourself. That’s fine, too.

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