this and that   //   September 19, 2012


From quick jaunts to Marfa to fashion week in New York to a wedding trip in Napa, I’ve been quite the traveler as of late. Although all three locations required very different packing (cocktail dresses in NYC and jean shorts in Marfa), there was one item that made its way into my suitcase all three times: my No. 1 Clarity Pouch. When the ladies over at TRUFFLE sent this to me this summer (thank you!), I had no idea just how much I would be using it.  The bag’s simple, clear design is well-made and lends itself to a variety of different uses. The best of which is that it passes as a clear bag through airport security. That’s right. Trade your Ziplocs in for one of these. Not only is the Truffle pouch much cuter, but – here’s a little secret – you can fit a lot more into one of these than you can a Ziploc. There’s a million other uses for it, too – receipt holder, waterproof bag for beach essentials, and it also works as a great organizer within the black hole that is my purse. It really is quite the multi-tasking little pouch!

The good news is that TRUFFLE is offering Luella & June readers a 20% discount off your purchase! Just enter the code LUELLA20 at checkout. But hurry! The offer ends this Sunday.

(In my No. 1 Clarity Pouch: EltaMD Clear Sunscreen // Kerastase shampoo // Michael Kors Leg Shine // Fresh Soy Face Cleanser)

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