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DAVINES NouNou Hair Mask

DAVINES NouNou Hair Mask

When it comes to hair products, I tend to get on a kick with something and then stick with it until all the sudden I’m over it and onto something else. (I do the very same thing with cereals. I’ll eat the same cereal/granola every single morning for four months straight and then one morning I’ll wake up and decide I don’t like it anymore. Right now, I’m all about this granola.) Several years ago, that kick was with Davines. I used it for a long, long time. I was obsessed with their “Love” shampoo and conditioner (I DIE for that smell!) and then I continued with Davines but switched to their Oi products (I still really love the spray). However, per my usual routine, I eventually moved on and became obsessed with something else. I had nearly forgotten about Davines until a girlfriend of mine brought up how much she loved their hair masks – specifically the NouNou one. This particular girlfriend of mine has exceptionally good hair (shiny and just the right amount of bounce) and while I’m sure this is partly due to good genes, I’m certain that a lot of it has to do with the products she’s using. So, the next thing I knew I was back at home ordering my own jar of the stuff.

I’ve been using the NouNou mask for the last six weeks. The verdict? I love it. It really is every bit as good as my friend described. This mask reminds me of why I used to love Davines so much: it actually does exactly what it says it’s going to do. In this case, that’s deliver a healthy dose of moisture to my dry, color-treated locks. Here’s the deal: highlights do a number on the hair. So, my rule has always been that if I’m going to continue to highlight my hair then I have to commit to taking extra care of it. For me, this means a once-a-month conditioning treatment at my salon along with using a mask at home. At the moment, I’m playing favorites with NouNou. It does wonders for color-treated hair. I use it once-a-week (sometimes twice, if my hair feels like it could use a little extra TLC). After I shampoo, I’ll skip my regular conditioner (still loving this one) and apply the NouNou mask instead. I scoop out about a tablespoon and spread it from roots to ends. I usually brush it through my hair and then let it sit in there for at least ten minutes – or, in the case of last week, how long it takes to watch half an episode of Billions. Once it’s rinsed out, my hair feels incredibly soft and despite how thick this stuff is, it never leaves my hair feeling heavy or greasy. Just bright and shiny! I think this is one kick I might actually stick with – at least for now, that is.

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