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la prairie cellular swiss ice crystal

My beauty routine has always been a simple one. I’m really not any good at applying makeup so I pretty much just stick to a tinted moisturizer, a concealer, and a blush. I devote the most time to my skincare. I’m a firm believer in the importance of taking care of your skin – the number one rule of which is wearing sunscreen. Since I have such sensitive skin, I’m normally reluctant to try out too many new products. However, when Nordstrom asked me to give La Prairie’s Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal (say that five times fast) collection a try, I jumped at the chance because I knew it would be good.

And how right I was. The cream and the dry oil (you get a sample of this when you purchase!) make for quite the combination. After cleansing, I blend just a drop or two of the oil with the cream and apply it all over my face. It’s the richest yet lightest moisturizer I’ve ever tried. You would think that mixing oil with a cream would go on heavy and make your skin feel greasy, but that’s not the case here. It’s as if it magically disappears into my skin. My face feels perfectly moisturized (and maybe even a little glowy?!). It’s like a tall glass of water for my face. These are the products I’m crediting with getting my skin through the harsh winter weather – which, by the way, I think may be past us here in Texas. Fingers crossed.

la prairie cellular swiss ice crystal

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own. 


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