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My resolutions are the same every single year: be healthier, happier, and get more rest. Simple as that. It’s what I do to achieve those resolutions that changes from year to year. I set mini-goals that fall into each of the those three categories (taking more pictures is sure to make me happier, and swapping some TV time for reading time would work for all three categories). And I don’t make them all at once. If I make my resolutions all at once, it’s like I’m setting myself up for failure. It overwhelms me a little bit. Instead, I just set those goals throughout the year. It’s a little more manageable for me.

Yoga. That is what’s on my list right now. I’ve never done it, and according to this, yoga would help me achieve all three resolutions. (Anxiety relief? Better posture? Stronger bones? Count me in.)  I’ve always been a Pilates person (I take reformer classes here and I love it), and I guess I thought you had to be one or the other: a yoga person or a Pilates person. However, that seems to not be the case after talking to several people who take part in both activities. I’ve wondered if one or the other is better for you, but this article gives pros and cons for both. My exercise routine could use a little spicing up so I’m going to see if I can add in a weekly yoga class. I’ve done a little research on the various types of yoga (there are quite a few!), and while I definitely don’t think Bikram is going to be my thing, I’m going to give Vinyasa and Ashtanga a try. Thoughts? Like I said, it’s something I’ve never done before so I would love any and all recommendations. Let’s hear ’em!

In the meantime, I can shop for some new yoga gear (I’m obsessed with these pants and have stocked up on my these tanks). That always makes exercising a little more fun. Scroll through for some of my favorites.


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