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There’s so much effort that goes into looking effortless. Why can’t women just admit that we didn’t wake up looking like this?

Just because the weather is warmer doesn’t mean I’m not still hungry for plenty of pasta. Here, 22 easy and delicious pasta recipes to make right now.

Not getting enough shut-eye? Here’s one more reason you should press snooze on that alarm clock.

Can you imagine if Instagram has been around circa 1995? Here, 16 things every 90s kid would have been posting. (Think: Lisa Frank and LipSmackers!)

This gorgeous spring weather has me totally geared up to entertain outdoors. I’ve been stocking up thanks to all the tabletop deals on OKL right now. Things like these adorable melamine plates like  and these along with this set of striped flatware, too.

I have the world’s palest skin. I can get away with it in the winter but when it’s time to shed my layers come summertime, my skin needs some color. I’m always a little wary of self-tanners but after hearing rave reviews about this one, I’m willing to give it a try.

Image via Prada

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