Series   //   April 3, 2015



I thought I had tried every margarita out there – until I came across this concoction. It’s nothing fancy (the best ones usually aren’t) but the ginger is sure to give it an extra kick and the addition of rosemary sounds divine.

I’m pretty sure this sums it up: “No one speaks, so no one bothers leaving messages anymore. Now we’re just all missed calls, like dead leaves on the lawn.”

The Outnet has got some seriously delicious jewels in their new arrivals.  Drooling over this, these, and these. Please and thank you.

I’m a little obsessed with Kerry Washington. And it’s not just because my Thursday nights revolve around Scandal (though they most definitely do). I think Ms. Washington is one class act. Agreed? Check out this great little read for anyone that’s equally K.W.-obsessed.

A pineapple that wears sunglasses? How could I resist…?

Let’s stop the glorification of being “busy.” (We all do it. Admit it.) Here, 10 tips on how to do just that.

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