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If there’s one photograph that captures Palm Springs modernism, it’s Slim Aarons’ “Poolside Gossip.” Now, see the iconic photograph recreated with the same two women – 45 years later!

Oh boooy. If you haven’t had a chance to peek at The Outnet this week. You need to. Here’s why: this dress, these sandals, and this perfect party skirt are all between 50%-70% off. You heard me right. (While you’re at it, take a peek at all the new Proenza Schouler arrivals.

What if Friends has been set in 2015? This list gives a good picture of what it would have looked like. (“The one where Ross gets a flat-pack sofa from Ikea so doesn’t need to pivot.” So good.)

The Oscars. They’re this Sunday. I so love awards show season and the Oscars are obviously my favorite. I’m prepping for a Sunday night spent on the couch with this recipe and these printable ballots. What’s your plan?

Want to know my current girl crush? Gigi Hadid. That hair! From reality TV (RHOBH, no doubt) to the catwalk, this gal is going places.

Since I really have not a clue what I’m doing when it comes to my makeup – especially with eyeshadow – I love it when someone makes it easy for me. These new Tom Ford eyeshadow duos do just that. I get a two-for-one with these and it takes the guesswork out of layering. Easy-peezy. (My favorite? The green!)

Images via Elle, Vogue, Pinterest

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