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Sometimes the “back-of-the-package” recipes really are the best. I know lots of people who swear by the Nestlé Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe (which always makes me think of this Friends episode). You can’t go wrong with a classic. What are your favorite original recipes?

While I wasn’t a fan of Jennifer Lopez’s look at last week’s Golden Globes, there’s no denying that at 41-years-old with two kids, this woman looks amazing.  Will she ever age? If she does, she won’t look like it. Thanks to a slew of various treatments and anti-aging secrets, middle-aged celebs are look younger than ever. (Just to give you some perspective: she’s the same age that Sally Field was when she played M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias.) My question: why do so many celebs lie about having these little treatments here and there? What’s the big secret? Why not just fess up?

Last chance: Net-a-Porter’s clearance sale is almost over. You can score an extra 20% off (!) this weekend by entering the code EXTRA20 at checkout. That means things like these sandals are actually 70% off now. I’m thinking about this little blue dress (weddings!), this pair of earrings (under $100!), and perhaps a pair of these for myself.

Admit it: it’s been a long time since you washed your makeup brushes. I’m so guilty of this. I don’t even want to think about how much bacteria and other gross stuff has built up on my bronzer brush. Let’s change that, shall we? Here, the best way to clean your makeup brushes. (Side note: I’m a big fan of this Clinique brush cleanser.)

“When you come out of a major busy season or complete a massive project, it’s more important than ever to relearn the art of rest. This requires choosing to not feel guilty about wanting time to truly relax and be creative.” It’s the feeling-guilty part that always gets me. What about you? This article on The Lost Art of Free Time really hit home and is a great reminder for the weekend ahead.

Turquoise doors, black-and-white stripes, and a giraffe over the mantle: this L.A. abode is California-dreamy.

P.S. Be sure to check out The Shop. It’s been updated with new goodies – including a Valentine’s section!

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