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I’ve been waiting and waiting for this day: Frame Denim finally added leather pants to their line up. You all already know how much I cherish my Frame Denim (I’m currently living in this gray pair) and I had always hoped that they would take their denim expertise and extend it to leather. No surprise: the leather pants (skinny and boyfriend style) are just as good their denim.

Baby, it’s cold outside. Best way to warm up? A big bowl of this vegetable-filled soup from Chef Ben’Ous.

Looking for a chic hostess or housewarming gift for the holidays? Look no further. This $68 throw blanket is not only a classic but it’s such a good deal, too. Best part? You can monogram it!

If you love documentaries and you’re at all interested in the current state of our food industry, be sure to catch Fed Up. The documentary will absolutely change the way you think about food and what you’re putting in your body.

We all need a pair of plaid pajamas this holiday season, don’t we?

Our homes just got a little more chic. Knoll has teamed up with famed fashion design (and a personal favorite of mine) Maria Cornejo on a line of fabrics for the Knoll Luxe line. The black-and-white geometric print on that chair has me drooling.

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