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Clearly I’ve been spending a lot of time on Paperless Post this week. In addition to the cheeky and fun Happy Menocal collection I told you all about on Wednesday, there’s also another one to get excited about: Sugar Paper. Cocktail party invitations, baby announcements, save the dates – there’s something for everyone in this one!  I’m already a huge fan of Sugar Paper so having them right there with the click of my mouse is like a dream come true.

“Believing you can fix a shoe is like believing you can fix a man: it does not work.” How many times have you tried to justify a pair of shoes that don’t quite fit but are simply too good to pass up? It’s happened to me… more than once. Joyce Walder’s NY Times article is a good reminder for all of us shoe shoppers.

Summer is my favorite season so I’m sad to see it go, but I’m also surprisingly ready for the fall ahead. (Perhaps my anticipation has something to do with the August heat we’re currently experiencing.) What do I need to gear up for the cool weather ahead? This swingy little coat from ASOS. It’s full shape makes it a little dressier and will lend itself nicely to cocktail dresses. Not to mention, it’s a good deal at $135!

When it comes to being in the know on beauty products, models are some the best. Between fashion shows and photo shoots, they test out more products than you can imagine. (Plus: who doesn’t want to know what Karlie Kloss uses to get that glowing skin?) Thankfully, Vogue has compiled a list of the 10 products every model has in her medicine cabinet.

This weekend I plan to soak up every last bit of summer – and that includes the food! This tomato salad paired with a yummy Thai-inspired vinaigrette sounds like a perfectly refreshing appetizer.

Twenty years. That’s how long it’s been since the pilot episode of Friends. Kind of hard to believe, isn’t it? (I still watch the reruns even though I’ve seen every single episode at least ten times.) In honor of the big anniversary, they’re bringing back the coffee shop we all know and love: Central Perk. It will be one-month pop-up shop in Soho designed to be an exact replica of the one on the show. Oh – and they’ll be serving free coffee. Admit it: you’re dying to take a seat on that big orange couch.



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