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jonathan becker photographTGIF. This post is going up a little late today. Late night (we were making these!) usually means a late post. After being out of town the last couple of weekends, I’m looking forward to spending the new few days in town. As much as I love traveling (especially when it’s fun little weekend trips like we’ve been doing), there’s something really nice about just being able to relax at home. I have a to-do list about a mile long that I’m really excited to tackle. My goal for the weekend is simply to get caught up:  on sleep, on my August magazines so I can dive in to September’s, on emails, and, yes, on Kardashian episodes. (No judgement here.) Happy Weekend.

For your weekend perusal:

  • Happy 10th Anniversary to The O.C.: Can you believe it’s been ten years? Who else tuned in to this show during high school? I’ve been taking a walk down memory lane reading all of the fun O.C. articles on BuzzFeed this week. Like this one. What in the world in Summer wearing?
  • The offices of Moda Operandi: The chicest NYC offices I’ve ever seen. Are you even surprised? All I have to say is that I’m now considering painting my office walls blush pink. If LSD approves, so do I.
  • On my wish list: Speaking of Moda Operandi… have you checked out their Swim Week trunkshows? So. Good. There’s the Marysia one. How adorable is this scalloped bikini? I’m also eyeing this striped suit (I love a mismatched stripe). If I order now, they’ll arrive just in time for my holiday trip to Harbour Island.
  • Yum. Yum. Yum.: There is not a fruit that I like more than watermelon. I could eat it all day, everyday. I eat way too much of it (way more than what could possibly be considered healthy). That’s why I can’t stop thinking about this recipe. This should cool things down, don’t you think?

Image via Jonathan Becker for Vanity Fair

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