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tommy tonHappy, happy weekend! The past five days seemed to drag a bit, didn’t they? Monday was such an exciting day with the royal baby news (!) that I guess the rest of the week just seemed a little slower. As I mentioned last week, I’m headed to Santa Fe this weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday. It’s a big one: 3-0. (2013 was kind of a big year for him. A wedding in May followed by his 30th birthday just a short two months later.) I’ve got a fun – but very low-key – couple of days planned with our families. The weekend pretty much revolves around the meals. No surprise there. It will be such a treat to spend some time in cooler weather (highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s!), not to mention,  just the respite I need before what is sure to very hectic next week. (On another note. It’s funny that I was basically writing the exact same post at this time last year. Santa fe plus a birthday. Remember it?) That’s all, for now. Tell me what’s on your agenda for the weekend. Oh. And if you if you have good recs while we’re in Santa Fe, I would love to hear them. TGIF.

For your weekend perusal:

  • An abridged biography: I was honored to have my “Abridged Biography” featured on VMac + Cheese yesterday. Victoria is such a doll, and I loved playing along for this series. The questions are a lot of fun.
  • Here I am again: Speaking of features, I was thrilled to be included on Camila’s blog this week, too. In honor of her new bedding line (check out these scalloped sheets!), she asked me a few questions about my own bedroom.
  • Sale alert: Are you all aware how much I love Heidi Merrick? I do. So much. All of her designs have such a cool, laid-back sensibility. (Just a take a peek at the new arrivals section. You’ll see what I mean.) They’re the kinds of things that look both effortless and chic at once. My favorites? This long dress and these adorable pants.  Good news. She’s offering Luella & June readers 20% off her spring/summer collection. Just enter the code HMSUMMER at checkout.
  • Digital detox: I could use a detox of so many kinds right now (coffee. wine. Sour Patch Kids.), but probably none so much as this one. A digital detox would do me some good.
  • Pucci-esque: I couldn’t put my finger on it at first but now I see it. Doesn’t this dress remind you so much of a good Pucci print? The geometrics mixed with some paisley designs. Love it.
  • The orange lip: When it comes to bold lipstick, red has never been my thing. I’ve always opted for the orange-red hue instead. I loved watching Vogue‘s video featuring Hanneli and Lindsey Wixson as they test drive the lipstick color. (Side note: Is there anyone else in the world that can pull off leather overalls like Hanneli? Seriously.)  They included one of my favorites, too: Mac’s “Morange” lipstick. It’s such a good orange.

Image via Tommy Ton

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