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TGIF. What’s on the agenda for the weekend? We’re sticking around here for the next couple of days. It’s going to be a laid-back weekend with nothing more than a couple of things on the schedule. (I’m hoping the weekend involves a hammock like the one in that Silm Aaron’s picture.) We’re going to check out this restaurant tonight (I’ve heard it’s delish) and then spend tomorrow catching up on our to-do lists. It’s a good thing we have a chance to do that now because next weekend we’re headed out of town to celebrate my husband’s 30th birthday.  Lots to look forward to there.

For your weekend perusal:

  • And the Emmy goes to…: Am I the only one that even cares about Emmy nominations? Probably. My husband told me he didn’t even know what I was talking about when I started blabbering about how excited I was about the nominations. All of favorite ladies are up for the big award – Connie Britton for Nashville, Kerry Washington for Scandal, Claire Danes for Homeland, and Michelle Dockery for Downton Abbey. And now you know just how much TV I watch. Oh well.
  • Style steal: ASOS always has so many good budget-friendly finds…but have you checked it out recently? I think it’s gotten even better. I find myself pinning one things after another from there – all under $100! Like this dress. Too much ruffle? I love it. With a pair of flat sandals, it would make a perfect summer-y dress.
  • Must bring buns: I was excited to contribute a guest post to local blogger Bren’s Must Bring Buns site this week. The post is about weddings – and we all know that I’ve been to a few of those this year.
  • Summer reading: You all know how much I love to read (I’m currently right in the middle of this book), and I love to take suggestions. The latest comes from “BuzzFeed’s 65 Books You Need to read in Your 20s.” I’m sad to say that I’ve barely read any of these books. I’ve only hit about five on the list. Take a minute to peruse the list and tell me where I should start.

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