this and that   //   January 10, 2014



This is a serious sale. Loeffler Randall is offering 60% of some of your favorite footwear (like these) and handbags, too! …Resolutions are tough. If you’re struggling to keep ’em, read this article for some helpful tips … Who doesn’t have a love-hate relationship with carbs? According to this, they’re actually not so bad for you as long as you’ve got you’re timing right … The Polar Vortex has me craving sunny days and pool time more than ever. I’m stocking up on suits (like this reversible one!) from the newest Tory Burch swim lookbook, so I’m ready when those temperatures finally warm up … Raise your hand if you were the proud owner of an American Girl Doll. (I had Samantha. Her fur muff always made me swoon.) Turns out that they’re actually quite valuable these days. Read this to find out just how much your childhood doll is worth these days. E-bay, here I come … A new year calls for a decor refresh. This town house is just the inspiration we need.

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