this and that   //   June 21, 2013


sunglassesGuess where I’m headed this weekend? New Orleans. Yippee! I love that place. I bet you can guess that reason I’m going, too. Yep. Another wedding. ‘Tis. The. Season. We’ve got one more in July and then I think we’re off the wedding circuit (at least for the next few months). I’ll take any reason to head to New Orleans for a couple of days.  The fact that we get to partake in a fun wedding celebration just makes it all the better. We arrive tonight and, of course, our first plan of action is to head to dinner. And tomorrow morning: Galatoire’s. My favorite. That’s pretty much what this weekend will be – lots of good food, lots of cocktails, and plenty of celebrating. So it goes in New Orleans. Happy Weekend!

For your weekend perusal:

  • Speaking of weddings: Have you checked out Vogue‘s Wedding Guide? It just came out yesterday. I love the way they categorize the various wedding styles: Country Club Affair, Garden Party, etc. Not only did it lead me to this pair of fab (and on sale!) BCBG heels, but I’m also dying to try this cocktail they refer to as a “Bramble.” (Think New Orleans might have one of those?)
  • Summer tablescape: Maybe it has something to do with being married and getting to play around with all of my pretty wedding presents, but I’m having so much fun setting the table. I do it every night – glassware, flatware, plates, placemats…the whole deal. Just for the two us. Sounds so silly. But I’m having such a good time doing it. I’m sure eventually we’ll have more people over for dinner, right?  This book is giving me lots of inspiration and Furbish is where I’ve been going to make it happen. They’ve got such fun stuff (like these)! I’ve purchased several things (like a set of these) that add some color to my table. Check out this section to browse all of their tabletop goodies.
  • How has it changed?: I really enjoyed reading this post from Ally. She’s really right on about how much the blogging world has changed over the last few years, and I understand why she’s anxious to make some changes of her own. I am sure that plenty of bloggers can relate to what she’s saying.
  • Bring on the sale: They’re still happening. And they’re only getting better. Net-a-Porter just did another markdown. I think this dress is adorable – and at 40% off, it’s even cuter. Neiman Marcus is offering an addition 25% off today. You should also check out Shopbop (love this) and West Elm, too!


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