this and that   //   June 7, 2013


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This week seemed to go by much quicker than last week. Our place is finally organized, and we’re no longer walking around cardboard boxes and tripping over random piles of things on the floor. I’m glad we’ve got that done because we’re headed out of town this weekend  and I hate coming home to a messy house after being gone (agreed?). We’ll be in Austin this weekend celebrating a friend’s wedding. This is our fourth wedding since March (including our own), and we have two more to look forward to this summer. Whew! Lots o’ weddings. I’ve always loved weddings, but for some reason I think after having my own, I love them even more. It’s like once you’ve been through it yourself, you know exactly what the bride is feeling and you really appreciate all of the little details. In other words: I can’t wait. TGIF.

  • Summa salad: I’m obsessed with watermelons. They’re my favorite fruit. I eat them all day, every day.  That’s why I love this summer salad. Yum. Plus – it takes like ten minutes to make. Even better. 
  • Carrie Bradshaw is back: With a shoe collection, apparently. The news this week is that Sarah Jessica Parker is collaborating with Manolo Blahnik (of course) on a collection that’ll be out next year.
  • So. Many. Sales: They’re all over the place. Let’s break it down right here.

(Image via Arthur Elgort)

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