Series   //   February 17, 2017


The science behind making the perfect chocolate chip cookies. (If you’re a nerd like I am, you’re really going to enjoy this.)

Proof that pink is the power color for spring. (Even more reason to treat myself to a pair of these.)

How to braid like a boss.

7 fats you should be eating.

How to style your bookshelf like a pro.

The mental math of motivation – or why you should start thinking in smaller numbers.

Doesn’t get much better than this for $80. Oh. Or these.

The cutest little skirt ever.

Do not miss this sale.

My new favorite striped tee.

On sale! Love this dress for a spring wedding.

Two goodies from Gap: this and this.

This would make such a perfect spring jacket. Bonus: it’s under $150!

The kind of LBD you’ll wear over and over again this spring.

Wine gems. I’m intrigued…

This is how you mix your prints.

Super excited about these. I have a feeling they’re going to get a ton of wear this spring.

Best buy of the week: these flats. Adorable and under $125!

UNDER $100: this, this, this, this, thisthese, and these.

UNDER $50: this, thisthis, this, these, these, and these.

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