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natalie wood

TGIF. I’m so looking forward to a couple of days to myself. It’s been a busy couple of weeks  and I could use a mini-break to get myself in order. I admit I’ve been slacking on the blog lately. I hope you’ll forgive me. Between the wedding, work, and last week’s move (never. ever. moving. again), I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. However, I’m thinking that since the wedding invitations went out this week (it’s really happening!) that it should be smooth sailing from here. On that note, I have six weeks left until the big day. It’s hard to believe. The time has flown. In fact, this is my last free weekend before the wedding. I’m planning to keep it super low-key. Just running errands, lunch with a friend, and crossing things off my to-do list. And maybe an episode or two of Homeland. My fiancé and I started the first season this week. (We were trying to come up with a show we could watch together. One that we both enjoyed. In other words, he’s not watching Nashville with me on Wednesdays. Homeland, it is.) I can now understand what all of the fuss is about. It’s so good. (Every time I watch anything Claire Danes, though, I can’t help but see her as Angela Chase. Anyone else?) I could easily finish the first season in a day, but I’m trying to take it slow. Happy Weekend, all! I hope it’s a good one.

For your weekend perusal:

  • Vintage inspiration: Don’t you love this picture of Natalie Wood? What a beauty. I discovered it via this new-to-me tumblr. It’s full of vintage photos – lots of good ’60s inspiration! 
  • Sale shopping: Don’t forget about the sale Shopbop has going on. It’s a good one. After an attentive browse, I think I’ll be picking up this little lace dress. Perfect for spring, don’t you think?
  • Shoe sign: You all know how much I love horoscopes. I couldn’t help but be intrigued by these new zodiac shoes from Charlotte Olympia. Leave to her to pull something like this off. I have to admit: I’m kind of wishing I was a Leo so I could claim these as mine.  The Taurus pair just isn’t as cute.
  • The Skimm: Have you heard about The Skimm yet? Victoria introduced me to it. It’s a newsletter that arrives in your inbox daily and provides the skinny on the day’s current events and hot topics. It keeps me informed on current events – not to mention, the writing is quite witty – without making me feel bogged down by all the news out there.  I think you’ll enjoy it. You can sign up right here.

(Image Credit: Natalie Wood by Bill Ray, 1963)

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