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TGIF. What’s everyone up to this weekend? I’ve got a very exciting weekend ahead of me. After two and a half years of doing the long-distance thing, my fiancé is moving to Dallas today. I can hardly believe it. I was so excited last night, I could barely sleep. Needless to say, this weekend I’ll be helping him get unpacked and settled. It’s one more thing that makes the wedding seem all the more near. Of course, Sunday I’ll be glued to the TV in anticipation of the Oscars. Anyone else? I hate to say it but I haven’t seen a lot of the films that are nominated. I usually make a point to see at least all of the ones that are nominated for Best Movie, but this year it just didn’t happen. So, I’m not really qualified to make any predictions there. I can’t wait to see all the action on the red carpet. I have a feeling Jessica Chastain is going to knock it out of the park there. We’ll see. Happy weekend!

For your weekend perusal:

  • Downton depressed: Is anyone else still reeling from Sunday’s Downton Abbey finale? For those who haven’t watched it, I don’t want to spoil anything. All I’ll say is that I had no idea that was going to happen. I turned off my TV feeling really depressed. It almost makes me not want to watch the show anymore (of course, you know I will). If you’re still looking for answers, check out this article.
  • Honeymoon packable: This cover up from Tory Burch has always been a favorite of mine. The color, the embroidery – it’s just an easy piece. With my honeymoon just a few months away, I think now is the time to add it my cart.
  • Gilt City Dallas: If you’re in Dallas this weekend and looking for a deal, be sure to purchase your tickets for the Gilt City Dallas Warehouse Sale. You’ll find everything from clothing to shoes to home accessories – all up to 90% off.
  • In the clear: Are we tired of seeing this lamp yet? I hope not. My old roommate used to have one of these in her bedroom and I loved it. I’m kind of thinking about purchasing one for myself. Thoughts?
  • For your Oscar party: Is anyone hosting an Oscar party this Sunday? If you are, I’m jealous. I’ve always wanted to have one. (I’ll be up at the FD office with the team reporting on the red carpet.) Every party needs Oscar ballots. Check out these adorable DIY ones. I might just make one for myself.

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