Series   //   June 3, 2016



This is the most fun way to improve every part of your life.

This pasta salad is not only delicious and healthy, but it’s easy to pack for summer picnics, too!

The chicest one-piece for summer.

Party planning? Check out these 11 helpful tips to throw a perfect summer soirée.

I can’t stop browsing through these artful arrangements from photographer Emily Blincoe.

Add these to your travel bucket list: 10 private islands for the ultimate getaway.


A summer beach towel that makes a statement. (Makes a perfect summer hostess gift, too!)

Two of my best sale scores of the week: here and here.

Love this one-shoulder wonder that’s 30% off.

Les Bonbons! Check out the newes sparkly pair.

This top is a GREAT sale find. Go for it.

These are so cute and would make such a great gift.

Grabbed this off-the-shoulder top for under $100.

Red, white, and blue – and on sale, too!

If you need a good sneaker to kick around in this summer, this is a good one.

Under $100: this, this, thisthese, and these.

Under $50: these, this, and this.

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