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How cute are these girls? I would think after seeing this picture, these girls would track down Phil Oh and ask for a copy. It’s such a perfectly captured BFF moment, no? On another note: how about those coats? I love a military-inspired jacket (like this one). It works as a neutral year-round and is such a great substitute when you’re black coat needs a rest. I’m definitely feeling inspired to pull out my J.Crew one this weekend. Speaking of weekend… I’m especially excited about this one. My cute friend is hosting a wedding shower in my honor tomorrow. My first one! How fun is that? Happy weekend!

For your weekend perusal:

  • Sweet superlatives: Just when I thought yesterday couldn’t get any sweeter, I saw this post on Hanna’s blog. How cute is she? I felt so honored to be included amongst all of these incredible ladies. A virtual valentine. I love it.
  • It’s in the stars: Have I told you all how much I love horoscopes? (And not just mine! I actually like to read other people’s.) I’m one of those weirdos that asks people when they’re birthday is so that I can figure out what their sign is. (I’m a Taurus, by the way.) My fiancé thinks I’m crazy, but I’m a firm believer that there’s something to it. Especially when it involves astrologer Susan Miller. Heard of her? According to this week’s New York magazine article, she’s the “go-t0 astrologer.” I’m not surprised. I’ve been checking my horoscope (and probably yours, too) through her app on my iPhone for years. She’s eerily right – most of the time.
  • If the shoe fits: When I think of Vince, great tees, amazing denim, and classic blazers come to mind. The basics. I never thought about Vince as a go-to destination for shoes. That’s changed this season. Their newest shoe collection is quickly becoming one of my favorites. True to the brand, the shoes are clean and simple, but anything but boring. They’re the kinds of shoes you’ll wear over and over again. I’m especially in love with this pair.
  • Love songs: Valentine’s Day is over, but I’m still listening to Tory Burch’s playlist. Dedicated to the holiday of love, the playlist is full of songs like “Woman” by John Lennon and Ray Charles’ “Hallelujah, I Love Her So.” It’s one you’ll want to listen to any day of the week. I mean, any playlist that involves The Supremes is my kind of thing.

(Image via Vogue)

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