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If you need some Valentine’s Day baking inspiration, why not this cake? It just so happens to be a recipe from my current favorite cookbook, too.

According to research, the key to human happiness relies on these three things.

If I ever make it to St. Barth’s, this is where I want to stay. (You might recognize it from a recent episode of KUWTK.)

I’m obsessed with the Set Design section of Architectural Digest.  You get a closer peek at some of the most beautiful sets from TV shows and movies – including my latest favorite: The Intern.

Am I the only who’s never heard of “Engagement Chicken?” Apparently, this recipe is so good that it will inspire him to pop the question.

There’s something else to love at ol’ J.Crew: the brand launched their first line of sunglasses this week – and they’re really, really good. I like ’em all (seriously) but I think this pair is my favorite. (Side note: I’m also fairly obsessed with this new raincoat/trench.)

shoppingMy new dress should come in mighty handy on Valentine’s Day.

I updated the “Under $100” section of The Shop with all kinds of new finds (including this and these – both of which I purchased.)

This makeup brush has kind of changed my life. I use it to apply my tinted moisturizer (or this foundation) and everything just looks so much smoother.

75% off, people. I somehow managed to score this, this, and these. #rundontwalk

I found a much more budget-friendly option to this IRO jacket I’ve been eyeing.

I’m pretty sure that these are the cutest espadrilles ever created.

One of these would make such a fun Valentine’s Day gift. (For more ideas, check out this gift guide.)

The best thing I bought from Amazon this week. Because baby, it’s cold outside (and sometimes inside, too.) Mark my words: it feels amazing.

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