Series   //   September 11, 2015



This chic Connecticut home is proof that black and white is always right.

It’s been awhile since I last wore M.A.C. makeup but after wearing their “Please Me” lipstick (the most perfect shade of nude-pink!) nearly every single day this week, I think my visits to the M.A.C. counter are about to get a lot more frequent.

There’s a million and one ways to enjoy a piece of toast (I happen to like almost all of them). Before summer’s tomatoes disappear, I’m going to give this recipe a try.

One peek at this post was all the incentive I needed to buy these. Statement earrings have never looked better.

From ketchup to hair spray, here’s a list of 77 expiration dates you should know. (This will probably make you want to do a major kitchen clean-out.)

This will make you feel nostalgic: Nickelodeon is planning to bring some of their popular ’90s shows back to TV. I’m crossing my fingers for “Clarissa Explains It All.” What about you?

saturday shopping

Tassels on my sweater? Well, of course. I just gotta have this.

My winter wardrobe could use a few more stripes. I bought this and this yesterday.

I love the mix happening in this perfectly-curated OKL sale. You’ll find everything from vintage classics (obsessed with this barware) to new lucite pieces.

Don’t miss this deal: this skirt and this dress are both perfect for fall and they’re both 65% off! (Love this little blue one, too. 50% off!)

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