this and that   //   October 5, 2012



I had a different post planned for today, but I’m having some technical difficulties so this will have to do. Has this week seemed longer than usual to anyone else? I’m so happy it’s Friday.  Have you heard the good news? According to the weather man, Texas is going to experience a big chill this weekend. Hooray! I’m so excited so pull out all my sweaters (kind of wishing this was one of them), slip on my boots, and bundle up! Maybe grab some hot chocolate, too? I always get a little too excited on the first chilly day, and, the sad part is that it will probably only stay that way for 24 hours or so and then we’ll be back to our usual warm days until November. If you live in Texas then you know just what I’m talking about. I’ll enjoy it the meantime though! Happy Weekend!

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