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KREWE DU OPTIC Sunglasses // BAUBLE BAR Earrings // REBECCA  TAYLOR Dress // BUDAHGIRL Bracelets // ANCIENT GREEK Sandals // WOM Pineapple Cocktail Tumbler // CHANEL “In Love” Blush // ESSIE “Geranium” Nail Polish // CHANEL “Sensuel” Lip Gloss

If you checked out last Friday’s post then you no doubt saw the recipe for Half Baked Harvest’s Strawberry Palomas. I did, in fact, make them over the weekend and I can report that they’re every bit as delicious as they look. While mine certainly didn’t look nearly as pretty as Tieghan’s (I skipped the edible flower step), they tasted delish. The grapefruit brought a tartness that kept them from being too sweet and though I was initially skeptical of the chamomile, it really added a freshness to the overall mix. (Note: I think they taste even better served from a shiny pineapple. Just saying.)

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a cocktail other than a margarita. Margs are my very favorite and honestly, they’re kind of the only cocktail that I’ve ever been any good at making. But after having success with this paloma, I’m vowing to branch out a little bit more and try my hand at some other cocktails. This one sounds yummy, and I’d love to test any of these bubbly cocktails. With all of the sunshine-y weather we’ve been having, now is the perfect time give something new a try. With that mind, I’m asking: what’s your favorite spring cocktail? I’m taking any and all suggestions. Comment below!

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Photos by Kristen Kilpatrick

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