culture   //   July 16, 2015



When I think back on some of my most vivid elementary school moments, I’d be lying if I said seeing Clueless wasn’t one of them. All it took was one look at Cher Horowitz and I was hooked. I started saying “As If!” (that drove my parents crazy) constantly, wore knee socks with my Mary Janes, and dreamt of the day I could own a white Jeep Wrangler just like Cher. (Should I be embarrassed that I owned this book?) From Cher’s endless fashion advice (where else would I have learned about the importance of Azzedine Alaia?) to how to handle yourself at a party (“Let’s do a lap before committing to a location.”), this movie was full of life lessons. This Sunday marks the film’s 20th anniversary (I’m feeling a slight sting for how old that makes me) and that certainly calls for celebration. Here, a little Cher Horowitz goodness for your reading pleasure…

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