style   //   March 5, 2014



Maybe I was inspired by this but lately, I’ve been gravitating towards all things gray. Along with black and white, gray pretty much dominates my closet (especially when it comes to cozy sweaters like this one). It’s just an easy color, and I really love the way it looks when worn head-to-toe. Or in this case, layered together on top. My cashmere sweater from Calypso is pretty much my favorite thing in my closet, and this vest (I love this one, too.) gets worn at least three times a week. If we’re judging from this week’s weather, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t going to change any time soon either. We’ve had record lows for March here in Dallas. Can I just say that I have never (ever ever ever) been more ready for spring. This cold weather seems to be dragging on. As much as I love bundling up in this gray vest, I really hope I’m not doing it for too much longer.

gray fur vest layered gold bracelets distressed denim Photos by Molly Miller


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