giveaway   //   August 1, 2011


Happy Monday! We’re excited to be a part of this year’s Soc Chic All Week Giveaway! Between now and this Friday, August 5th, you’ll have the opportunity to win a Soc Chic necklace. There are nine unique necklaces and each one supports a different non-profit. Here on Luella & June, we are hosting the Pink Lemonade necklace. We love the color (pink, naturally), and we especially love that the necklace supports Bright Pink, an non-profit organization that provides education and support among young women at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. 
For a chance to win the Pink Lemonade Necklace and support Bright Pink, comment on this post mentioning your favorite JessLC piece. (My favorite is her Lake Shore tote!) The best part is that this isn’t the only necklace up for grabs! Visit any of the participating blogs below (you’ll want to bookmark these blogs anyway as they’re all amazing sites!) and check out their Soc Chic All Week giveaways. Good luck!

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