this and that   //   April 1, 2013


mark and graham pajamas

I have a long list of bookmark folders on here. They help keep my frequently visited sites organized (there are even sub-folders for the different blog cateogories). One of my favorites is my “Gift” folder. I was constantly coming across those oh-that-would-be-perfect-for-her presents online and then when it finally that someone’s birthday or Christmas, I couldn’t remember where I’d seen the gift. So now there’s a folder for it. The latest addition to the folder comes from Mark & Graham. (I’m obsessed with that site. From monogrammed cocktail napkins to leather traveling pouches, Mark & Graham is a one-stop-shop for all your gifting needs.) How adorable are these monogrammed pajamas? They’re available in two colors – white or a blue-and-white stripe. I love a good pair of pajamas – and I like ’em even more with my initials on them. (On that note: did I tell you that my new initials will be BAM? How fun, right?) These PJs are sure to make their way to someone as a gift. Maybe a pair for myself, too…

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