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1. Grace: Thirty Years at Vogue // 2. Cooking for Artists // 3. Carlos’s Places // 4. Palm Beach Chic // 5. Where Chefs Eat: The Ultimate Insiders Guide // 6. Pret-a-Party

Get ready for a week full of gift guides! I’m kicking it off with one of my personal favorites: books. My love for books is no secret. I have an ongoing Amazon wish list dedicated to my most-wanted reads (this is at the top of that list right now), and I check them off just as often as I can. As much as I love to receive a book as a gift, it’s just as much of a thrill for me to gift them to others. I love that with just a little thought, you can pretty much find a book that will work for every single person on your list.

Here, a few ideas…

For hostesses, I’ve been giving Lela Rose’s new Pret-a-Party book. I also love Soiree. They’re both filled to the brim with creative ideas that any entertainer will appreciate.

For anyone that loves to cook, I’m wrapping up The NoMad Cookbook. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in New York City (read: the best roast chicken in the world), and this book contains all of their very best recipes – including cocktails! (For those that are bakers, this one is a no-brainer.) Another idea: Where Chefs Eat. I’ve given this one to numerous people. It’s one that will please both chefs and anyone who just loves good food.

For those that appreciate interior design (or just like looking at pictures of beautiful homes), I almost always go for The Big Book of Chic. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I’m also really obsessed with Kim Whitman’s new book. It’s page after page of beautiful monograms!

For fashion fiends, I have a long list of go-tos. This one and this one are two of my very favorites. However, I always enjoy giving something that’s fresh off the new-release list, too. With that in mind, Phaidon’s Grace: Thirty Years at Vogue is the best bet. (For someone super special, you can snag a signed copy of the glossy tome right here). I bought the book for myself (couldn’t wait on Santa for this one) and have been poring over the pages ever since.

Scroll through below to shop more of my favorites.

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