style   //   March 19, 2014



I’ve never really been a fan of the whole “no white jeans after Labor Day” rule. It seems a little outdated, and, in my opinion, white jeans look cool year-round. In fact, I’m wearing this pair as I type this post. I’m a firm believer that every girl needs at least two pairs of white denim in her closet. (I have several, my newest of which is this cropped pair.) Since I pretty much live in mine during the summer, I find that one pair is always in the laundry. (White jeans gets dirty – especially when you wear them as often as I do.) So I think it’s a good idea to have a couple of pairs you love so you always have the option to wear them.

As the weather starts to warm up, I find myself trading out my dark blues for my bright whites more and more. I’m just so ready for the new season and white denim is my spring/summer staple. Even though it’s not exactly warm yet (I was bundled up all weekend long), the cooler temperatures haven’t dissuaded me from wearing my white jeans. I just have to figure out the right layers. These three looks are providing perfect inspiration. The gray sweater is a must (I love the look of gray + white) and creates a perfect building block for a little jacket (maybe a print?) or just a perfectly tailored blazer like this one. Go ahead and pull out those white jeans, if you haven’t already! Maybe if we start dressing like it’s spring, the warm weather will hurry up and get here.

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