style   //   October 22, 2014



On my list of least favorite colors, maroon (burgundy, oxblood, whatever you want to call it) is most certainly on there. Who know why our eyes gravitate towards certain colors and retreat from others, but, for me, maroon has always been in the latter category. However, this Olivia Palermo look has me re-thinking the whole thing for fall. (Leave to her to change my entire stance on a single color.) What I always love about Olivia’s looks is the way she totally commits to whatever she’s wearing. She didn’t just tip-toe around maroon, she decided to really go for it with a tonal look – and then added a statement necklace to boot. Not only do I really like the head-to-toe color, but I love the way she lessened the formality of a pencil skirt with a cozy, half-tucked turtleneck. I can’t imagine OP looking bad in anything but this color, in particular, really stands out on her. It’s such a rich color and feels so right for fall. Something like this skirt would look really cute paired with black opaque tights and a pair of boots. I also love the idea of taking a break from my usual black leather pants and opting for this color instead. It might not be a color I incorporate into everything in my life, but I’ll most certainly be adding at least a few maroon pieces (this and these are no-brainers) to my closet.


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