accessories   //   March 2, 2011

Get the Look for Less: The Perfect Carry-All

When it comes to handbags, less really is more for me. I always prefer clean and simple (and functional!) to fussy and overelaborate designs. That’s why I adore this Céline lambskin clutch pouch. Seen all over the streets of Fashion Week, the pouch features a simple top zipper and is just the right size to fit your everyday necessities. I love it in that cobalt blue – so striking! Super simple, and super chic.  Unfortunately, the hefty price tag isn’t quite as “super,” but thankfully, you can get a similar look for a whole lot less! At just $45, the American Apparel Carry-All Pouch  is just as sleek and has more than enough room for your iPad, cell phone, and whatever else you carry around town! 
images via STREETFSN
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