style   //   January 10, 2014


pizza party bracelet

The holidays may be over but that doesn’t mean I’m not on the hunt for perfect presents. I’ve got birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Happy St. Nothing’s Days (that’s what my sister-in-law calls those great days when you get a present for no reason at all) to think about. I’m always looking for cute gifts to give my girlfriends and these Venessa Arizaga bracelets are my new favorite. They’re made of woven cord and each one features a different, whimsical phrase. They’re just so much fun! I’m pretty sure that this “Pizza Party” one is my favorite (not to mention, very applicable for several of my BFFs). I also love “Cutie Pie” and “Later Gator.”  They make for perfect stacking bracelets, don’t they? Stocking up now! 

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