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frame denim

We can talk about the everlasting qualities of a good LBD, a perfect pair of pumps (these, please), and a well-tailored blazer all day long, but when it comes down to it, there’s nothing more timeless than a great pair of denim. Am I right?  The key is finding the right pair  – and when you do, buying it in every color.

Finding a good pair can be tricky which is why I really don’t experiment with my denim that often. When I’ve got the right pair, I stick with it. With the exception of a pair from Madewell that I love, for the past few years (!), I’ve been a loyal purchaser of DL1961 (the Emma style and the Angel style) and Rag & Bone (the skinny jeans in every color). While I’m certainly not giving up on those favorites, I thought it was time to break out and give something else a try (new year, new denim!). This past week, I walked into Canary and bought my first pair of Frame Denim. And I love them. So much so that it warranted a whole blog post.

I’ve heard so much about the California-based line through magazines and blogs, etc. They’re apparently every model’s favorite denim (Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss, Heidi Klum – all devoted Frame wearers). I am excited to say that they totally live up to they’re hype. I bought this pair in a dark navy wash and I wore them all weekend long. They fit perfectly and they didn’t lose their shape even after three straight days of wear. I’ll definitely be purchasing a couple more colors (this light grey is pretty!) in the skinny style, and I’m actually thinking about giving this more relaxed style a try. If you’re in a new year-new denim mood, too, then I highly recommend giving these a try. Let me know what you think!

frame denim frame denim frame denim frame denim

Images via Frame Denim

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