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fendi sunglasses

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I’m an organized person. My closet stays tidy (most of the time) and I rarely misplace things. However, last year I lost a pair of sunglasses (with all the on-and-off, they’re easy to lose). It drove me nuts. I couldn’t find them anywhere (still can’t) and I hated that feeling that I had been careless with my belongings. As such, I wouldn’t let myself invest in another pair of sunnies for awhile. Once I deemed myself ready to take better care of my things, I headed straight for this pair of Fendi sunglasses.(You can see me in them here and here.) I’m always a fan of tortoise (love these, too) and the round shape of the lenses was exactly what I wanted. They were certainly an investment but here’s my theory on that: when it’s something you wear every single day, choosing quality over quantity is always the best practice. Since then, I’ve come to really love Fendi’s eyewear line. I love how there’s always a fresh take on classic designs. Take this tortoise pair, for example. The tort is timeless but adding that bright blue to the frames gives them a unique touch. Not only do the designs stand the test of time, but the glasses themselves do, too. These are sunnies that last. I always expect sunglasses to stretch and start showing their wear but these don’t. The quality can’t be beat, making me feel like I’m earning on my investment. What’s better than that?

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