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Fall Fashion Accessories Roundup

One of the most important rules in fashion: accessories make an outfit. The right accessories – handbags, shoes, jewelry – can take you from simply putting on clothing to coordinating the ideal ensemble. The perfect necklace or handbag can take your simple tee and jeans from casual to uber-chic. Accessories should be added to your outfit to create a complete clothing look. Try adding at least 2 or 3 accessories to to each outfit – this little trick will not only make you look consistently chic but it will also increase your wardrobe tenfold. 

3 accessories to think about this fall: 

1. The Head Band 
Take a cue from my favorite Gossip Girl character – Blair Waldorf. Why does Miss B always look so pulled together? It’s not always about what’s on her body but rather what’s on her head! From satin to prints, bows to feathers, Blair’s head is always dressed to a T. The headband is a simple way to add a delicate, feminine touch to your look. (On another note, how much longer must I wait until I am reunited with Blair, Chuck, and the rest of the GG crew?)

2. The Statement Necklace 
For all of those who have been devout followers of Luella and June, you know all about the statement necklace. This piece is one that stands alone, it need not be coupled with any other major accessories. For a cocktail party, take your favorite statement necklace and pair it with that strapless LBD and your favorite clutch (no other accessories needed). Or when you’re running out the door in your skinny jeans and gray tee – throw on the necklace for an edgier look. Let your necklace do all the talking for a change. Check out: 


H&M Fall 2009 
(perhaps my favorite pictorial this season)

   Banana Republic 

3. Scarves 
This is one trend you can count on for all seasons: fall, winter, summer or spring, the scarf is a consistent must-have. This fall we change our focus on scarves to a new direction. Think neons and prints. If you’re wearing a mono-color ensemble (all black, for example) the scarf is an easy way to pop some color in there. The printed scarf – Hermes is the ultimate here – can transform your outfit in one single wrap. Check out:
Wrap it up with neon!
Copy this look: all black outfit with a pop of print and color at the neck
So very Parisian-chic
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