beauty   //   August 5, 2014


Girl witn facial mask and cucumber on her eyes


A question (or three) for you all on this Tuesday: do you all use a face mask? If so, which one? And how often?

These are all questions I need answered. I recently read a beauty article (which magazine it was in is escaping me at this moment) that talked about the wonders that using an at-home mask can do for your skin. With the exception of this Tata Harper one (instant glow!) that I use on occasion, I rarely use a mask. The only times you’ll see me with a mask on my face is when I’m getting a facial. I did a little research (Into the Gloss, Allure, etc.) and it sounds like I’m missing a crucial step in my skin care routine.  At my most recent facial, the aesthetician told me that my skin was dehydrated. I was a little caught off guard by this statement because I feel like I apply plenty of moisturizer (this in the morning and this at night) to my skin. But apparently my face needs more. I’m thinking that a face mask is the answer to my problem. Perhaps I need to add something like this (I’ve heard it’s good) to my regime. With the transition to fall coming soon (sad, but true), my skin could use all the help it can get.

I would love it if you would leave any recs in the comments section. Any help is appreciated!

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