entertaining   //   September 8, 2014


elbows off the table
You know those times where you really want to remind somebody to use their manners (“stop chewing with your mouth open!”) but you feel awkward doing so? Well, why not let your napkins do the job for you? These embroidered napkins from Straw and Gold are embroidered with all kinds of cheeky little reminders. Talk about keeping your guests’ manners in check. (I know the “Sit Up Straight” one would be a really good reminder for me at the dinner table.) Regardless of social graces, these napkins would just be a fun set to have – not to mention, a really cute gift for your hostess at your next dinner party.

Lauren_StrawAndGold_0135 Lauren_StrawAndGold_0331 Lauren_StrawAndGold_0136


All images via Straw and Gold 

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