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Are you tired of seeing these clutches? Because I’m not. Not even a little bit. In fact, I think I like them more and more each time I see one. Maybe it’s the combination of acrylic + glitter that has something to do with it. I’ve been a fan of Edie Parker since she debuted the Lara clutch (more glitter), and I think her bags have only gotten better. She manages to master the art of quirky (cherries?) and fun, yet still so chic. She’s the type of the designer that doesn’t take herself too seriously. Here’s another fun fact: the collection is produced entirely in the United States. Just a patriotic details that’s especially relevant this week.

While I love her fruit collection (how can you resist this one for summer?), it’s the bespoke clutches that I’m particularly drawn to. They’re completely custom. Once you choose your shape, you can then choose a color (gold confetti, anyone?), hardware, and text. There are so many good choices that it might be tough to make a decision. (I can spend hours playing on these types of custom things. I just logged 1.5 hours with the NikeID sneakers. So. Many. Choices.) If it really came down to it, I think I might have to go with the navy pearlesecent (this navy one is pretty fab, too.)and I think my initials B.A.M. would look quite nice in silver confetti text.

I love the idea of gifting a new bride one of these. How fun to receive a little clutch either with your new initials or Mrs. +  your new last name. Or you can just go with one of these ready-made ones: “Bride” or “Mrs.” The good news is that they’re all so fabulous that you really can’t go wrong.

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Images via Elle and Edie Parker

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